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Dryer Tips


Here are some quick tips to check if your dryer is not working properly.

Madden Appliance Repair offers these repair tips as a courtesy. Madden Appliance Repair always recommends that you consult with a licensed service company before attempting any service work.

Why isn’t my dryer working?

1. Is there power to the dryer?

Make sure it’s plugged in! Check the power in the outlet by plugging something else in, or by testing with a voltmeter.

2. Is there a problem with the door switch/door switch actuator lever?

The door switch is a common problem area. Make sure the door is closing securely. Replacing a defective door switch is an easy repair. Your dryer probably has a door switch actuator lever, The door of the dryer presses against the lever when it’s closed, which actuates the door switch. If the lever is broken, The switch won’t activate if the lever is broken. Aftermarket replacement levers are readily available for most models. In most cases, the door switch and the switch activator lever usually come as an assembly and you should probably replace both.

3. Is there a problem with the thermal fuse?

Your dryer has a thermal fuse that burns out if the dryer overheats. When that happens the dryer will either stop working or stop heating. Most fuses are located inside the dryer on the vent duct. Make sure that the blower wheel isn’t broken or clogged and make sure that the vent isn’t blocked before you replace the fuse. Generally dryer manufacturers recommend that you replace the hi-limit thermostat when you replace the thermal fuse.

Why isn’t my dryer heating?

1. Could there be a problem with my heating element?

Your dryer’s heating element can burn out. If the heating element is shorted out, replace it.

2. Is there something wrong with the high limit thermostat?

The high limit thermostat can occasionally fail over time. If it’s shorted out, replace it.

3. Is there a problem with the cycling thermostat?

The cycling thermostat controls the temperature in the dryer. If it’s shorted out, replace it.