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Washer/Dryer Repair

The expert service technicians at Madden Appliance Repair are here to provide you with some simple Whirlpool Dryer Troubleshooting Tips. Through our professional guidance and easy-to-use troubleshooting tips, we will share with you how to safely and easily inspect, check and identify common dryer problems.

At Madden Appliance Repair , we take pride in saving you money and giving you the tools to know when it’s time to call in the laundry repair experts.

Whirlpool makes dozens of dryer models, both electric and gas powered. While there are a wide variety of features available on Whirlpool dryers, troubleshooting most problems is very similar on different models. Whirlpool recommends that owners run through a series of simple steps to resolve any issues before making unnecessary and sometimes costly calls for repair service.

When you have a malfunctioning Whirlpool clothes dryer, the first thing you want to do is determine is size of the problem. In our extensive 30+ year dryer repair experience, one of the most common concerns people share with us is that the dryer fails to get the clothes completely dry. Quite possibly, there could be a mechanical issue with the dryer resulting in the job not getting done. Another high possibility is that the wrong cycle for the type of load has been selected; this is especially prominent in HE dryers.

Once you inspect the setting to see if you have matched it appropriately to the type of clothes being dried. It can be beneficial to next consult the Owner’s Manual to determine the best troubleshooting technique for your type of Whirlpool Dryer.

The next simple troubleshooting step for a Whirlpool dryer that has been acting up is to do a basic inspection of the unit to determine if the gas is turned on and/or if the laundry appliance is plugged in. While this may seem like an obvious step, we have experienced several embarrassed homeowners when we arrive to find that the power source was simply shut off.

After you’ve ruled out Step 1 and your dryer still isn’t providing heat or does not start when you turn the machine on, it is time to call in the professional appliance repair technicians at Madden Appliance Repair & Dryer Repair Service and schedule a call.

The fact is; all dryers need good airflow to operate properly. This can only happen when the lint trap and exhaust area is clean and free of debris. Upon inspection of this area of your dryer, it may be determined that your machine would benefit form a professional level cleaning.

This type of professional-grade cleaning can greatly increase the life span of your dryer and prevent costly maintenance down the line. Call the experts at Madden Appliance Repair & Dryer Repair Service today for advice free-of-charge or to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted appliance repair specials.

While error codes can vary on the many different clothes dryer models; most of Whirlpool’s laundry appliances are controlled by a computer system. This means when an error is detected the machine will list an error code and your dryer’s Owner’s Manual can tell you what these codes mean.

Even though these codes are not universal, with the model number and a little basic information, Madden Appliance Repair Washer & Dryer Repair Service can easily assist you in make a preliminary diagnosis.

Convenient and just a call away, Madden Appliance Repair & Dryer Repair Service offers skilled appliance repair technicians to come directly to your home or office and make on-site repairs, provide estimates or give your laundry appliance a professional cleaning.

Simply contact us to schedule an appointment and an experienced, highly-qualified repair technician will be at your door to fix your washing machine or dryer in the comfort and convenience of your home or business.