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Freezer Tips


Here are some quick tips to check if your freezer is not working properly.

Madden Appliance Repair offers these repair tips as a courtesy. Madden Appliance Repair always recommends that you consult with a licensed service company before attempting any service work.

What should I do if my freezer doesn’t work at all?

1. Is there power going to the freezer?

Make sure it’s plugged in! Does the light come on? Check the power in the outlet by plugging something else in, or by testing with a voltmeter. Don’t forget to check the fuse box or the circuit breaker for your home.

2. Can the indicator light tell me if there is a problem?

It the power indicator light is flashing, it shows that the power to your freezer went off recently. Unplug the freezer and plug it back in. This should resolve the problem.

3. Is there a problem with my compressor/start relay?

If you hear a repeated clicking sound or if your freezer keeps turning on and off, you may need a new starter relay.

What should I do – my freezer runs continuously?

1. Is the thermostat working?

A bad thermostat may cause your freezer to run continuously.

2. How can I tell if my freezer thermostat is working?

Use a thermometer to check the temperature of your freezer. If the thermostat is set correctly, and the temperature is too warm or too cold, replace the thermostat.

3. Could there be a damaged gasket?

Worn or loose door seals allow warm air into your freezer, causing it to work too hard. Replacing the seals will also improve the freezer’s efficiency.

Why won’t things stay frozen in my freezer?

1. Is the thermostat working?

A bad thermostat can cause your freezer not to reach the right temperature.

2. Could the defrost timer be malfunctioning?

Check the accuracy of the defrost timer, if the freezer isn’t cold enough. Test this by manually advancing to the defrost cycle. You can usually manually advance this timer by inserting a screwdriver into the advancement pinion and turn clockwise 1/4 to 3/8 of a turn. The cycle should complete in less than an hour and the freezer should return to normal.

3. Is there a problem with the cold control?

To test if the cold control is bad, you can temporarily Test the cold control by jumping the two wires at the cold control. If the compressor starts, you need to replace the cold control.

4. Could there be a problem with the compressor?

Listen for a clicking sound when the compressor tries to start. If it clicks, you could have a bad start capacitor which is easily replaced. A bad compressor on the other hand, can be a fairly expensive repair. If the compressor is running but your freezer is still not cooling at all, there may be a problem with the condenser or evaporator coils.

5. Could the evaporator coils cause a problem?

If the evaporator coils are frozen over, they won’t transfer cold to the freezer properly. Defrost the freezer and restart.